Organic Rice under EU, NOP & USDA (USA) Standards

King Organic finely selected jasmine rice 105 from Thung Kula Ronghai, the source of the best jasmine rice in Isan or northeastern Thailand. The product is famous for its milky white grain. It has a sweet pleasant scent like jasmine flower when cooked, giving a soft, slightly sticky texture when bitten — all these have made the rice being popular around the world. The jasmine rice 105 thrives well in loose, salty soil within a climate the weather varies from arid to humid. The rice is grown in the land free of chemical use for over 3 years. It derives only organic fertilizer, is harvested and milled in the mill certified by EU, NOP & USDA (USA) organic standards. Every spoon is delicious, nutritious, and leaves no chemicals or toxic residues in your body.

Rice Cultivars

  • Jusmine Rice 105
  • Riceberry Rice

Planting Source

Our rice is planted on the agricultural land certified by EU, NOP & USDAS (USA) organic standards. We have a network of over 3,000 farmers producing organic rice on the 90,000 rais of land in 10 provinces in the northeastern region.

Standards and Requirements under EU, NOP & USDA (USA)

  1. The production areas must be free from chemical use more than 3 years.
  2. The use of any chemical pesticides is prohibited.
  3. The seeds must not be coated with pesticide.
  4. The use of chemical fertilizer is prohibited.
  5. Water source must be clean and free from toxic residues.
  6. The guard row around the production area must contain no toxic residues.

Rice Mill

The rice mill is organically certified, using well management and operational control. All materials are organic which leave no toxic contamination.

Types of Rice

  1. White Jasmin Rice (completely milled)
  2. Brown Jasmin Rice (half milled)
  3. Organic Riceberry Rice


  1. Our production area, mill, and packaging facility are certified by EU, NOP & USDA (USA) organic standards
  2. GMP and HACCP
  3. FDA standards


Each air-tight package contains 1 kg of rice. Dimension: 10.5 x 19 x 5 cm