Organic Preserved Food under NOP & USDA (USA) Standards

King Organic believes “good health comes from eating good food”. This is why we pay particular attention to the quality of all our products and make sure they are made from purely organic and traceable healthy farm products.

King Organic Salad Dressing

  1. Our organic salad dressing is prepared with 100% organic ingredients certified by the NOP & USDA (USA) standards.
  2. We don’t use artificial color, artificial flavor or preservatives.
  3. It contains a high level of organic canola oil which has a high burning point. So, it is not carcinogenic when heated. Canola oil saturated fat is as lower as 7%, thus helping to reduce the risks of fat clots in the vein. Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 reduce the risks of brain diseases, strengthen the immune and lower cholesterol levels. The oil contains more than 60% of oleic acid which helps reduce the adhesion of platelets on artery walls, and vitamin E — the anti-oxidant that can prevent cancers and improve skin conditions.
  4. We use Organic Chicken Eggs from the first and only EU, NOP & USDA (USA) certified chicken farm in Thailand. Our chickens are grown naturally in an organic vegetable farm and fed with certified organic materials and natural herbs. Our chickens are healthy as they can roam and find food naturally on the farms. We don’t use antibiotics or growth hormones with the chickens. Unlike the regularly produced eggs in the market, our organic eggs have lower cholesterol minimizing the risks of clogged blood vessels.
  5. It contains natural fermented vinegar rich in vitamin B and C, potassium, choline, iron, boron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. It contains acidic acid which helps reduce high blood sugar levels after a high-carb meal. You do not feel hungry during the day.
  6. It contains natural fermented prickle which is high in minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, anti-oxidants including vitamin E.
  7. It contains organic sesame oil derived from roasted white sesame which was roughly ground to extract natural scent. We don’t use bottled sesame oil.
  8. We use fully grown ginger to keep natural taste and fiber. Ginger extract is rich with phenolic compounds such as gingerol, shagaol and zingerine, etc. These compounds play a key role in resisting oxidation, preventing the growth of bacteria, and being natural oxidations.

King Organic Salad Dressing is available in 5 recipes. You can choose from 50 g pouch or 250 g bottle.

Organic Dressing CreamOrganic Japanese Dressing CreamOrganic Thousand Island DressingOrganic Japanese DressingOrganic French Dressing
TasteThe signature salad dressing in buttery white color, a well combination between creamy texture and subtle sour vinegarSweet, salty Japanese salad cream in light brown color with a unique scent of soy sauce mixed with roasted white sesameSweet and sour salad cream in light orange, giving a specific texture with crunchy pricklesJapanese styled light salad dressing, giving a delicious smell of soy sauce and roasted white sesame.Light salad dressing full of herbs and spices, having a pleasant smell of parsley. The taste is sweet and sour.
IngredientsOrganic canola oil 39%Organic canola oil 32%Organic canola oil 33%Organic soy sauce 32%Organic vinegar 46%
Organic sugar 23%Water 21%Organic tomato sauce 16%Organic sugar 31%Water 0%
Water 19%Organic soy sauce 15%Water 13%Water 14%Organic canola oil 13%
Organic egg 10%Organic sugar 13%Organic sugar 11%Organic vinegar 14%Organic sugar 12%
Organic vinegar 7%Organic egg 10%Organic egg 10%Organic ginger 6%Organic onion 5%
Salt 2%Organic vinegar 5%Organic prickle 9%Organic onion 2%Salt 2%
Stabilizing agent INS415Organic white sesame 2%Organic vinegar 4%Organic white sesame 1%Organic parsley 1%
Acid regulator INS 330Organic ginger 1%Organic mustard 2%SaltOrganic mustard 0.5%
เกลือ 1%Salt 2%Acid regulator INS 330พริกไทดำออร์แกนิค 0.5%
Acid regulator INS 330Acid regulator INS 330Stabilizing agent INS415Stabilizing agent INS415
Stabilizing agent INS412, INS415Stabilizing agent INS415
Storage Temperature4-10°C in refrigeratorNot over 30°C at room temperature
Shelf Life6 months12 months
Food Serial Numbers (FDA)74-2-04362-6-000974-2-04362-6-001074-2-04362-6-001374-2-04362-6-001574-2-04362-6-0014

King Organic Pro Biotic Kimchi under NOP & USDA (USA) Standards

  1. The vegetables meet all standards as required by EU, NOP & USDA (USA). All materials’ origins are traceable.
  2. The sauce is King Organic’s secret recipe that meets NOP & USDA (USA) organic standards.
  3. We don’t use additives, preservatives or acid regulator.
  4. The product is produced in the the facility that meets with GMP & HACCP.
  5. We use natural fermentation methods under the controlled environment to promote the growth of microorganism. The products are stored at 4°C Celsius to maintain freshness and great taste.
  6. The product doesn’t contain fish sauce or meat. It is proper for vegetarian diet.
  7. The product is free from NDMA (N-nitrosodimethylamine) which is carcinogenic substance caused by meat fermentation such as fish sauce.
  8. The natural fermentation methods boost the growth of beneficial microorganisms that is helpful to the human digestive system and immune system.

Organic Chinese Cabbage63%
Organic Kimchi Sauce26%
Organic Reddish7%
Organic Spring Onion4%

Organic Standards

  1. USDA (USA)
  2. FDA. Food Serial Numbers: 74-2-04362-6-0016

Package Size

ขวด 180 กรัม

Sealed bag 1 Kg

Shelf Life

2 เดือน

Storage Temperature