Organic Meal

This is a new and delicious alternative for people who have healthy eating concerns. Organic “Ready To Eat” is made from only fresh and clean ingredients without the use of additives. It is very delicious and 100% natural.

“clean freshness from the farm to the dining table”

We finely select clean and safe raw materials for our food.

Vegetables – Our organic vegetables meet all EU, NOP & USDA (USA) organic standards.We don’t use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones, or chemicals. Our vegetables are graded and sent to the packing plant on a daily basis before being cleansed by ozone.

Spices & Seasoning – We ensure we use organic spices that are of local and international standards. Our spices do not contain artificial or chemical additives, they are all derived from 100% natural components

Eggs – Our eggs are organically produced according to EU, NOP & USDA (USA) organic standards. Our chickens are naturally fed and bred. We don’t use growth hormones or antibiotics with chickens. We give them only organic feed that meets the requirements by EU, NOP & USDA (USA). The results are the production of eggs that are low in fat and free from chemical residues.

Meat – Our meat produce includes pork and chicken. We select high-quality meat from our organic farms and our livestock are grown without the use of antibiotics, stimulants, or growth supplements. This makes all the meat coming from King Fresh Farm healthy and safe to consume.

Sea Food – All fish and shrimps are fished locally along the coast of Bang Khun Thian, around Bangkok. Our primary objective is to serve you with healthy and fresh sea food.

Our food products are produced and packaged in GMP & HACCP certified facility. We are granted a food production license from the Thai FDA. Every process is operated under supervision by food scientists.