Organic Fresh Fruits & Vegetables under EU, NOP & USDA (USA) Standards

Our vegetables are farmed using the natural principles in agriculture. They do not contain toxic elements that could come from chemically contaminated soil or water. To produce high-quality organic fruits and vegetables that meet the EU, NOP & USDA (USA) standards, we follow these standard regulations

Planting Area

  • A guard row or a waterway not less than 1 meter in width around the production area is required.
  • It is strictly prohibited to burn plant debris or other garbage in the planting area.
  • Recording documents for various activities within the plot, such as planting plan, farm input, harvesting record, etc. are necessary.
  • The production of plants in the hydroponics system is prohibited.
  • The varieties and source of planting seeds, the seeds, and plant propagation must be produced from organic farming systems.
  • The genetically modified organisms (GMO) are not allowed.
  • The measures to prevent soil erosion and saline soil problems are essential.


  • Do not use any chemical pesticides, herbicides or chemicals on farmland.
  • Do not use any chemical fertilizers on farmland.


  • The amount of Nitrogen in the fertilizer should not exceed 170 kilograms per hec-tare.
  • Use compost that is licensed by The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) & Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA).
  • The raw materials used for the self composting should be independently generated.
  • The self composting should have a fermentation period of at least 90 days and must not be stored close to the plant.
  • Do not use stools for composting.

Herbal Extracts

  • Not to be used to the detriment of beneficial organisms.
  • Do not use extracts from tuba roots or tobacco plants.