Chemical Free Fruit & Vegetables

King Fresh Farm makes it a priority to source the best quality fruits. We do this by working closely with farmers who adhere to the strict GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) standards, which prioritizes good farm management systems. Together with our farmers, we monitor manufacturing factors such as area of planting, post-harvest methods and general farm management, all this in a bid to get the best quality fruits for consumption. We take good soil management, water management, fertilizer use control, pest control, plant disease control and waste management very seriously. That’s why our fresh fruit products are tasty, healthy and meet all export standards.

A good farm management system consists of the following –

Good soil management – The quality of farm soil can be improved by adding organic matter to the soil such as manure, the right pH adjustment, chemical fertilizer type, nitrogen use control, and use of phosphorus fertilizer. Crop rotation and ground-covering plantations also help to reduce erosion when it rains.

Good water management – A high-efficiency water system is the best choice. It supplies the right amount of water specific to the needs of each plant and doesn’t leave toxic contaminants that affect the growing plants into the water sources.

Efficient plant production – Plant crops that have a high resistance to diseases and can withstand the attack of pests are the best options as much as knowing when to plant because this can prevent damages caused by pest attack. Also, plant crops that are mutually beneficial to each other in the same plots.

Pest control – It is very important to check and be able to predict possible disease outbreaks and attacks by insects. The use of integrated and environmentally friendly methods will be very effective. Also, the methods should cause leave toxins that contaminate the water or land. Before using any chemical substance, make sure to read through its usage instructions carefully and follow each and every precautionary measure.

Harvesting and processing – Always harvest the crops at the appropriate time. After they are harvested, the crops have to be graded, sorted, and kept in containers before sending them to the packing facility further to be packaged.

Energy & waste management –All agricultural machinery should be properly maintained and serviced at appropriate times. This guarantees a full and effective functionality.

At King Fresh Farm, we encourage our farmers to follow energy & waste management regulations, use the right techniques for weed control and follow precautionary measures when chemical use is involved. Under a good farm management system, animals, plants and the surrounding environments must not be put at risk of pollution or contamination.

In a good farm management system, production efficiency is maximized by keeping records of operations according to different production steps. This will help to notice errors or lapses beforehand.