About Us

About Us


Our vision is to provide healthy, high quality farm and food products that meet all international stand-ards in an environmentally friendly manner.


Our mission is to promote organic agriculture as well as R&D for agricultural products to provide clean, chemical-free food that are safe for consumption and friendly to the environment.


2014 - 2015

King Fresh Farm (KFF) was founded in 2014 in an initial land space of 20 rais in Bangkhuntien Chaitalay, Bangkok. Under the supervision of Chai Karnsakultorn, King Fresh Farm began growing indigenous Thai fruits and vegetables organically. However, without prior experience in organic farming, KFF experienced low crop yields during our first harvesting season.

The Thailand Ministry Of Science And Technology had an innovation and assistance program which aided by the Suranaree University of Technology in the use of biotechnology for agricultural purposes. King Fresh Farm entered into an organic farming program to better understand how to farm organically in order to promote sustainability and environmental concerns for Thailand’s agriculture. The program was supervised by Emeritus Professor Dr. Nantakom Boonkerd, who is an expert in bio technology and organic agriculture in Thailand.

Upon completion of the program, KFF began cultivating and supplying a chain of organic farm products that met all EU, NOP & USDA (USA) organic standards. The produce was market across leading supermarkets under the brand name “King Organic”.

In 2015, there was a high demand of tropical fruits and vegetables from Thailand. That was the start of establishing KFF’s international standard packing facility.

2016 - 2017

In 2016, KFF opened a VHT (Vapor Heat Treatment) factory and GMP & HACCP certified packing facility in Muang District, Samut Sakhon, The VHT factory was certified factory with the approval of Japan’s Ministry Of Agriculture And Forestry and Thailand’s Department Of Agriculture to be contracted pack-ing house for fruits and vegetable export to Japan, Korea, New Zealand and many other countries.

The same year of 2016, KFF launched organic products certified by EU, NOP & USDA (USA) standards into the market under the brand name “King Organic. The products were available at supermarkets, health shops and organic food stores.

In 2017, a food research and development team was formed for the sake of our “zero waste vision”. Our objective was to develop healthy and tasty organic food with the use of raw materials we pro-duced, thereby reducing wastages.

2018 - 2019

In 2018, KFF started a pre-cut fresh fruit business to serve world consumers’ demand for convenient food. KFF has developed and combined post-harvesting technology with food science technology to deliver optimum fresh and clean pre-cut fresh fruits to consumers.

Towards the end of 2018, KFF started producing eggs organically following the required EU, NOP & USDA (USA) regulations on agricultural land of 20 rais. In 2019, our organic eggs under the brand “King Organic” were certified with EU, NOP & USDA (USA) standards, being the first in Thailand that meet these international requirements. Our organic eggs are marketed in leading supermarkets across Thailand.

In 2010, we also kicked off organic meal home delivery service. Our meals are cooked by very experienced chefs with all process being supervised by food scientists.
In 2019 King Fresh Farm was approved by the Australian Quarantine And Inspection Service, becoming the first Thai packing house qualified to export Thai mango to Australia. King Fresh Farm was approved by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service , becoming the first Thai packing house qualified to export Thai mango to Australia.